Lower Extremity Irrigation & Drainage:

Orthopedic Lavage Shield for Foot & Ankle Surgery Download Data Sheet
• Drawstring collar
• Drainage port
• Optimized for Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg procedures

Designed exclusively for foot and ankle operations, the Microfield™ Lavage Drape is geometrically optimized for procedures involving both Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. Instrument access holes can be cut to the preference of the user and a drainage port is located at the lowest portion of the shield. This promotes fast, continuous drainage of procedural byproducts through either local suction or gravity feed methods.

Lavage Shield for Knee & Calf Surgery • Under Development

Upper Extremity Irrigation & Drainage:

Lavage Shield for Elbow Surgery • Under Development
Lavage Shield for Hand Surgery • Under Development

Millions of healthcare professionals and patients are exposed to bio hazardous fluids every day. Any exposure to blood is a risk of infection through blood borne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis variants. With nearly 24 million diabetics in the US today, the most common medical trauma involves wound conditions that will not heal naturally. Procedures that address this widespread dilemma use the method of lavage therapy surgery which consumes several liters of saline solution for each operation performed in an open field. Rapidly becoming a wet environment, operating room personnel become exposed to atomized blood and tissue particles. Valuable time is spent on post-op cleanup procedures to eradicate pathogens due to overspray and back-splashing. This leads to fewer surgeries per day due to inefficiencies and increased labor activity by nurses.

Block Island Technologies is proud to introduce the patented Microfield™ line of irrigation & drainage products as an economical solution to occupational hazards found in the healthcare field and related industries.The Microfield™ is a shield that prevents exposure to bio-hazardous fluids during operating procedures by fully encompassing the field with a clear, sterile barrier. The Microfield™ provides a fully contained, viewable operating theater with the added benefit of a drainage flange that can be connected to a wide variety of local suction tubing sizes for effective eradication of tissue and fluids. Surgeons and nurses can now work safely by reducing the risk of exposure from back-splashing generated by powered lavage guns used during the operation. By employing the Microfield™, O.R. cleanup time is diminished and work flow is improved. This yields more surgeries completed in less time.